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Almost.... but didn't for now.
I try to make this short as possible.

I was riding back home on my bike when there are these couple of grade school kids down the street playing a game of darts. They look at me first and I look at them. One of them smile like a devil and throw at me a throwing dart! I saw it coming and it hit me right on the left side my head. I felt it and hurt like hell. I was bleeding a bit. I got of my bike quickly run after that child. He was crying and lead me to his home. I see the parents, run up to them and say "Your kid throw a dart me!". The dad look at me and say "What the F&^% you want me to do about". First things that come into my mind is "ARE YOU AN IDIOT!! YOU SAY THAT IN FRONT OF YOUR 6 YEAR OLD CHILD!!". I look at them and see that the mom is wearing a 'Harley Davidson' T-shirt and the dad is wearing the same thing. Great..... Both them scream at me that its my fault. Tell them its the child who did it. The child BS me say that he did on accedent. They continue to scream at me... I ignore them, get on my bike and give them the old 'middle finger' while I going far away from them.

That's all from the story. At least I live for another day, other than that I need something to draw I lost some motivation. Ensteadbeen drawing myself 43 times (yes I counted) and each one sucked. Until the one man draw me (can't reveal him.) He's awesome i'm so putting this one up as my ID!

Ok, I'm done. This the longest journal entry ever I put on!!
the-dermist Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2005
Stupid parents >_> poor kid. Poor you O.o! good it didnt hit your eye.
Black-Fox Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
Wow thats horrible! I guess you should count it lucky that you didn't lose anything, but it's sad to see parents that don't give a care about their children or anyone else, but themselves. :(

Anyways here it too feeling better! :)
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October 9, 2005


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